Raid Karma

Something that I’ve been seeing a lot of in my raid group, is that most people don’t really know a monk unless they have leveled one. Be sure to let your RL know your cool downs and make sure your healers and raid understand what your abilities do and when they should heal you more etc. Popping Avert Harm and then dying because heals had no idea it was coming isn’t a good thing. 

I made a short list of my CD’s and what they do and posted them for everyone. I also added “Say” bubbles to my WeakAuras that ask for extra healing etc when I use certain abilities. If you can’t seem to get your group Karma right. You may want to try a few of these options. 

I like using the Weak Auras all the time because even in LFRs or a pugged Flex run the people around you still kinda know whats going on. 

Hope this helps anyone that is currently struggling with staying alive. It isn’t always your gear or your stat weights sometimes it just your raid not knowing whats going on, or understanding your abilities. 

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