Ladder Stitch

LADDER-STITCH-1This is probably the single most important stitch when making anything especially plushies, softies, and anything else that needs to be turned right side out through a hole.

This stitch completely seals up your project while looking neat and clean. Don’t get me wrong you can tell where the opening was nothing is going to look as clean as a machine stitch but it will close up a seam invisibly.

When using a ladder stitch try to only leave a hole as large as you need to turn your project right side out. make sure you have left your seam allowance around the opening because its what you’ll be using to do the ladder stitch.

When starting sewing inside out run your needle through the last machine stitch you made to hide the knot on your thread before beginning to sew the opening closed. Follow the photo to sew it closed and once you reach the end pull the thread to close up the opening and sew through the last machine stitch again to tie your knot. I always try to double knot just to be sure it wont come loose.

If you have problems with the edges of your fabric bunching up try using an Awl or something pointed to push the fabric in between the stitches back into the project before pulling it closed.

This stitch is great for sewing closed opening but its also used for attaching limbs, eyes, horns, muzzles, and even some appliques.

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