Hot Glue


Most people don’t think of your hot glue gun when it comes to sewing and making cosplays. Its an awesome tool especially when you want an invisible seam or an applique without stitches showing. It can also be used for other crafts as seen in the photo of hot glue snowflakes.

Hot glue is great for everything. I know what some are thinking … but it will melt my project. Not necessarily, there are low temp guns that aren’t that hot and can be used with basically anything but cellophane.

I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of hot glue for plushies BUT I do use it for layering eye layers before stitching them on as well as using it to make an item stiff. You can use it in pin cushions for an extra layer of protection and even in a hair bow to make it keep its bow shape when doing character bows.

There are tons of possibilities so when your working with leather or fabrics and you aren’t sure about using hot glue… try it out you might just be surprised at how well it works.

This photo is not mine but from an awesome blog with some great tips on other ways to use hot glue.

2 thoughts on “Hot Glue

  1. I LOVE hot glue but I certainly would never have thought to use it in sewing projects – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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