Fur Types and Fraying

photo (7)I learned a lot of this the hard way with a lot of trial and error.

There are 3 types of fur backings.

1. Super Stiff – Great for Kitty Ears would not recommend this for plushies.

2. Med Stiff – Great for Cosplay items AND its the perfect fur for plushies.

3. Super soft and silky backing – This is the only fabric I’ve had issues with when making Cosplay items. Its amazing for plushies BUT you run into some of the same issues.

The back of the super soft fur is silky which means it frays and comes apart when pulled on. As your snipping it you can see it start to “run” and fray.

I’m not saying don’t make ears or cosplay items with this type of fur BUT you need to use an edge sealant or give yourself an extra large seam.

The silky fabrics tend to move and stretch and slide as well so if you’re working on a kitty tail unless you pin it every 1/8 to 1/2 inch it moves all over the place.

If you’re going to make plushies out of the super soft/silky backed furs I would highly suggest you use a sealant and that is because there is going to be pressure on the seams and just giving yourself extra room may not be enough. Where as the sealant will be a little tougher.

When using that fur for plushies on the seams that will see more “wear and tear” aka the ears,tail,arms,legs, I would recommend even adding a super super thin layer of hot glue if you’re going to be giving the plush to an animal or small child. It will form sort of a “wall” to keep the fabric from completely fraying apart. (I will do this for any fabric that frays easily when making plushies not just fur)

To apply the hot glue to the edges if you decide to use this option, lay the fabric pieces out on wax paper. Run a bead of hot glue down the edges and use a tooth pick to wipe almost all of the hot glue off just leaving enough to stiffen up the edges of the fabric. Its a little time consuming but it will ensure that your plush wont come apart especially when making animal toys.

When making toys with hot glue please make sure your glue sticks are NON TOXIC. If it doesn’t say non toxic on the packaging don’t get it.

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