Heat sealing Felt

photo 3 (7)

As seen in the photo above sometimes you just want to do a nice design out of felt but that can sometimes be tricky.

Felt can be thin some of it can tear easily, so what do you do?

Heat seal the edges like you would do with ribbon. Don’t use a lighter or open flame! You can create some great effects from an open flame and felt but it doesn’t give you a clean edge.

I use a sauntering iron and I don’t even touch the edges I just get it close enough to melt the edge slightly. This will toughen the piece up and make it so that your felt isn’t going to just rip right off of the piece. Some heaver felt you really don’t need to do this with but when applying pieces to pillows etc. I like to do this to clean up the edges and to ensure that it will stay on the pillow for a long time.

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