The Stitching Girl

So I’ve been in the process of learning new crafts/trades, and when I came upon “The Stitching Girl” on Etsy I knew I needed to try some of her patterns.

Each pattern comes with a to size color coded layout:

They all come with a detailed list of thread colors along with the matching “code” for the stitch color placement.

Each pattern also comes with a little detailed list of the size, design area, and number of stitches.

She has an amazing array of patterns to choose from these are the 3 that I got:

As you can see her patterns are wonderful, especially for someone who is just starting out like me. I adore how easy to follow her patterns are and the wide variety that she offers in her store.

If you already stitch and are looking for new patterns or you’re brand new at this and want a comprehensive pattern to help you learn. This is definitely the shop to grab a few patterns from. The owner is very sweet and wonderful and willing to help you with any questions you may have.

I can’t wait to post some photos of the finished products!

Happy Stitching!!!

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