Sewing Patterns

Alicorn Plush



Wefting Tutorial (Plushie hair, mains, and tails)


Eevee Plush

Espeon with Eyes

Adventure Time – Finn Backpack

Jolteon Plush

Totoro Plushie

Design your own Kigurumi

Toothless Mini Plush

Totoro Bag

Triforce Plush

Cupcake Pattern


Chibi Wolpertinger – World of Warcraft

Tardis Messenger Bag

Star Trek Coffee Mug Cozy

Grumpy Cat Kids Plush

Wampa Plush

Chao Plush

Create your Own Wrist Pincushion

Metroid Plush

Life Size Bulbasaur

Balloon Animal

Boo Plush – Super Mario

Regular/Super Size Yoshi

DIY Doggie Wear

Design your own Hair Bow

Elf Plushie Sewing Pattern

Luna and Artemis Plush (Sailor Moon)


I have not created all of these patterns, and have linked the ones I have not to their proper owners.

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